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Hola! I'm Stephanie! Welcome to my blog! Here is my sharing platform where I write about my working life as a fresh graduate and personal interest in fashion. 

I was addicted in Japanese fashion during my late-teens, but I quit reading Japanese magazine ever since Chikako left ViVi. I now adore with monotone fashion which I have tons of white, grey and black pieces in wardrobe. I always believe that being fashionable is not about how much up-to-date clothes you have in your wardrobe, but the ability to mix and match for your own unique fashion sense. 

I am still a super fan of ARASHI and KAT-TUN Japanese idol group (Don't judge me please!). I was once shouting when just randomly switched to KAT-TUN news on television. Photography is my passion. I recently addicted to online shopping where I buy my clothes, shoes, bag, beauty products, phone accessories and even stationery.

I love raw egg yolk so much that I swallow the whole raw egg yolk without breaking it.  I also love spicy and salty food, but can't stand any bitterness. So, I hate to take liquid medicine, especially for cough. I sure will pinch my nose when taking it and straightaway brush my teeth twice after that. I am also well known for eating "dry" meals. I hate the slimy texture and weird combination taste of whatever-sauce mix with the rice. So, no mercy is given if you pour the whatever-sauce onto my hot white rice. 

I'm told that I have a mature appearance as I looked like 20s when I was just 14. I like to receive sincere compliments especially verbally, but I will get annoyed easily if I am being looked down or challenged. I am an indoor girl who can lie on the bed for whole day and do nothing. 

Hope you enjoy reading it!

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