Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Darkest Age of My Skin

I am considered to be a lucky girl because I didn't suffer acne problem during my teens. Occasionally, I might have one or two pimples pop out before period (blame the hormone). Otherwise, I barely grow pimples on my face.

Things changed when I started my internship at a palm oil plant in year 2012.

Main root cause:
1. Hazy environment since I was working in production plant.
2. Insufficient daily water intake

Back then, I had simple skincare which was cleansing lotion and sunblock only. So, the dust, dirt and oil residue on my face after work weren't be removed completely. It became even worse as I restricted myself from drinking water to reduce trips to the washroom as the ladies washroom is quite a distance from my office (apparently it was the worst decision I ever made!).

After 3 months of internship, pimples started to grow on my chin, and then forehead and then slowly spread to cheeks. It was too late to realise the problem, as I have to fly to UK in next few weeks for my study! I have no time to treat my skin!

It takes as much courage to show you the darkest age of my skin. I am relieved I have succeeded to overcome it. Missed out a lot of chances to take nice pictures, especially in UK! During traveling, I either have to apply thick foundation to hide my pukeable pimples, or have to stand distant away from the camera. The dark age lasts for 2 years (2013-2015). It was at my lowest self-esteem until I shut myself at room from seeing anyone. This was also one of the reason I seldom updating my blog.

I will share the journey I walked through the darkest of valleys in upcoming posts. So, stay tune!

Photo taken on 5 Dec 2015 : Light layer of sunblock on my skin (no PS)

Photo taken on 28 Oct 2013: Light layer of sunblock (no PS)