Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dilemma of Choosing Beauty Products

I have been struggling on my acne and pimple skin since I was in UK. Have been spent a lot of money on facial treatments, beauty products and supplements to cure my problem.

I have tried to seek for consultation from beautician to solve and understand my skin problem. But, I received different views on my skin condition and solutions. Some of them claimed that I have a severe oily skin which causes the break out. And, other group of people told me that I have sensitive dry skin which needed to optimize the skin moisture level to overcome the break out. *confused*

So, I have been experimenting various brands on my skin - LOREAL’s, Natural Beauty, Body Shop, LANEIGE, Dr Jart and now KOSE. So far, I am yet to found my best. The hilarious part, as I went to stock up my beauty products (other branch from the place I used to buy at), the beautician questioned me on the choice of choosing the beauty products I’m using. He told me that I shouldn’t use this series as it will make my skin worse. *poker face* Hello! Your colleague recommended the products and you told me I have been using the wrong one?!

I do wonder some beauticians have the don’t-care-a damn-thing-on-your-problem-as-long-you-buy-my-products attitude. This explains well on why contradict conversation appears. The contradict opinions from the beauticians make me paranoid. So what else can I do? Trial and error, again. Bless my skin.

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