Friday, January 30, 2015


I have been working at a Japanese company for few months and I am still amazed with their culture and working environment. The language they speak, the shoe lockers where we put our shoes before entering the building, the table position we sitting at and the way they address people by adding ‘-san’ instead of Mr/Ms! *jaw drops* Exactly same with the Japanese dramas I used to watch!

As a Japanese addict, I feel like I’m working in Japan everyday.*walking on air* Anything related to Japanese attracts my attention. I love to read Japanese-written labels on stationery, snacks and even electronics devices. And there are real Japanese speaking Japanese in office all day long! I enjoy listening them and seek to understand what they are saying, secretly.

There was a day when I was eavesdropping on a Kansai-dialect Japanese officer’s phone conversation. He talked damn loud. I found it amusing when listening to his strong Kansai dialect with his serious facial expression.

「ホンマ? あかんそれ。」

Honma? Akan sore.

Seriously? That’s bad.

He reminds me on Kansai-speaking anime character. Haha.

Oh wait, nani? What did he speak again? * secretly listening*