Saturday, March 28, 2015

In Love with Midi

Chinese New Year is always my favourite festival in the year. Despite the fact of going back to my beloved homeland, I also have the reason of swallowing every food without any restriction and of course, dressing up nicely!

I used to wear dress for every Chinese New Year. Simple yet elegant! But this year, I want to challenge myself on something different - playing with mix and match.

I have been noticed the midi skirt fever these days and I try to put on few of them. Somehow, they resemble to nun’s skirt – the long, black skirt. They look fabulous on mannequins but absolutely a sister-look on me. I am quite upset with it and nearly give up the style for the new year.

At last, I found the best version of midi skirt. The skirt is truly my fashion saviour.Totally in love with the design. It gives a slimmer look as it enhances my waist area. It also hides my body flaws perfectly – fatty thighs and wide hip. Simply paired with crop top, high heels, nice bag and ready to go.

To get the best appearance of wearing the skirt and crop top, I even start to workout for slimming my tummy. Ever since, I am motivated to workout for abs. #truestory #kiasu


pic 1Paired with white razor crop top, neon pink bag and my forever-loved black ankle strap heels.

pic 3Everyone is dressing up nicely! Our annual meet up at same place, same time for every year.


cny3Paired with knitted crop top and bling necklace.



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dilemma of Choosing Beauty Products

I have been struggling on my acne and pimple skin since I was in UK. Have been spent a lot of money on facial treatments, beauty products and supplements to cure my problem.

I have tried to seek for consultation from beautician to solve and understand my skin problem. But, I received different views on my skin condition and solutions. Some of them claimed that I have a severe oily skin which causes the break out. And, other group of people told me that I have sensitive dry skin which needed to optimize the skin moisture level to overcome the break out. *confused*

So, I have been experimenting various brands on my skin - LOREAL’s, Natural Beauty, Body Shop, LANEIGE, Dr Jart and now KOSE. So far, I am yet to found my best. The hilarious part, as I went to stock up my beauty products (other branch from the place I used to buy at), the beautician questioned me on the choice of choosing the beauty products I’m using. He told me that I shouldn’t use this series as it will make my skin worse. *poker face* Hello! Your colleague recommended the products and you told me I have been using the wrong one?!

I do wonder some beauticians have the don’t-care-a damn-thing-on-your-problem-as-long-you-buy-my-products attitude. This explains well on why contradict conversation appears. The contradict opinions from the beauticians make me paranoid. So what else can I do? Trial and error, again. Bless my skin.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I have been working at a Japanese company for few months and I am still amazed with their culture and working environment. The language they speak, the shoe lockers where we put our shoes before entering the building, the table position we sitting at and the way they address people by adding ‘-san’ instead of Mr/Ms! *jaw drops* Exactly same with the Japanese dramas I used to watch!

As a Japanese addict, I feel like I’m working in Japan everyday.*walking on air* Anything related to Japanese attracts my attention. I love to read Japanese-written labels on stationery, snacks and even electronics devices. And there are real Japanese speaking Japanese in office all day long! I enjoy listening them and seek to understand what they are saying, secretly.

There was a day when I was eavesdropping on a Kansai-dialect Japanese officer’s phone conversation. He talked damn loud. I found it amusing when listening to his strong Kansai dialect with his serious facial expression.

「ホンマ? あかんそれ。」

Honma? Akan sore.

Seriously? That’s bad.

He reminds me on Kansai-speaking anime character. Haha.

Oh wait, nani? What did he speak again? * secretly listening*